About Me

Wade Sarver is the owner of TechFecta!

Technology analyst and advocate working in various tech sectors, (over 30 years and still counting). Currently writing, solutions, marketing, and advising businesses and investors as well as consulting about the direction of technology, business development, system improvement and sometimes life in general.

Using over 30 years of working throughout the industry to provide solutions for Nokia as a Solutions Manager and creating content for www.wade4wireless.com as well as consulting with various companies to provide deployment efficiencies. The owner of Technology Advisory Firm TechFecta, www.techfecta.com, a newly developed company for reporting and advisory consultation for technology companies.

Wade’s background includes many parts of the wireless industry. Having worked in paging, VSAT, public safety, cellular, microwave, and wireless internet to name a few. Wireless transport was the common connection along with the deployment and business efficiencies to boost each company and system to be better than before. With a degree from Electronics Institute then receiving certifications for almost everything out there has really boosted the knowledge curve quickly, but the work experience and work ethic is what made the difference.

The goal is to help teams deploy correctly and with as few mistakes as possible. Having an in-depth wireless background with rounded experience and a view of end-to-end deployment is what sets Wade apart.

Blog posts and podcasts for people to share the experiences of wireless deployment. This would include the issues of the industry from tower safety, site work, and installations to 5G planning and LTE rollouts. The industry is changing. We must change with it. The industry has many different moving parts in the field, from RF design to tower climbing to site engineering to project management to optimization. Deployment planning matters and having support matters. Providing support is what matters.

Blog and podcast available at www.wade4wireless.com if you want to follow.

Learn more at https://www.linkedin.com/in/wadesarver/ on LinkedIn.

Reach out to Wade on LinkedIn or at Wade@techfecta.com or wade4wireless@gmail.com to send feedback.

Twitter @wade4wireless, https://twitter.com/Wade4Wireless.