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The Consolidation Sprint and T-Mobile Merger

This is an excerpt from the tech analysis report “Sprint and T-Mobile Merger Consolidation” available now.


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Here is a high-level view of the report:

It’s an analysis of the merger, if it happens and how it would influence the workers in the industry. Covering the OEMs, GCs, carriers, tower companies, and workers. What would it change? How would the merger take place?


Here’s to the New T-Mobile, a new company in the USA made up of the #3 and #4 carriers. Will it happen? Maybe. To be honest, it is a merger, but T-Mobile wants to run the company. Why not? Can they do the magic they did with the Old T-Mobile? They did a pretty good job with T-Mobile USA.

The New T-Mobile would not be owned by one company but split up between Deutsch Telecom and SoftBank and shareholders.

Here is the split:

  • 7% Deutsche Telekom
  • 9% Public shareholders
  • 4% Softbank

They intend to have the company split 3 ways. By the way, Sprint will disappear. All that will be left is the debt. Everything else will be merged into T-Mobile. This is what T-Mobile wanted, to purchase the assets. Unfortunately, they get all the debt.

I believe that Softbank is hoping that T-Mobile can absorb Sprint and become profitable again. All the groups know that to compete with the behemoths AT&T and Verizon, they need to pair up.

They feel they can lower the debt by consolidating services, sites, and jobs. I always think that the idea that job creation in a merger will happen. Initially, there is an uptick in work, but the idea is to save money, and that is done through job elimination within the company.

Let me give you an obvious example. If there are Sprint stores and T-Mobile stores in the same mall, would you keep them both open? Of course not, one would close to save on salaries, rent, utilities and so on.

The companies merging makes sense. Their play is to roll out 5G quickly, which I think that T-Mobile is capable of. They have the ability, the drive, and an excellent team to do it. All they need is the spectrum. Sprint has the 100MHz of the 2.5GHz spectrum which is TDD, prime spectrum for 5G. If anyone can make 5G happen, it would be the team that John Legere built.

The companies hope to overtake AT&T, that has been one of Legere’s primary goals. This is a quick way to do that in one fell swoop.



Here is where we expect to see all the savings. In the consolidation of sites, towers, cores, contractors, processes, stores, departments, and so on. It’s all going to save money. While they will start with 2 headquarters, I am sure that will wither down to one eventually, maybe 3 years.

It may not be as easy as we think. When merging carriers, they generally merge the spectrum into one or the other. In this case, 4G requires a lot of spectrum. AT&T has done a good job of integrating smaller companies into their system. However, this is a larger integration. T-Mobile has done it in the past, but there are differences now.

T-Mobile merged a smaller carrier into their network on a smaller scale. With the growth of 4G, they will need to make sure they have all the 2.5GHz spectrum where they want it. To save money, they will want to put everything on one platform or on one section of the tower. It is going to be a challenge to do this. Especially with the massive MIMO equipment. That will be very expensive to move. There is more to it than moving the antennas. I’ll go into it in the site equipment section below.

I mentioned before how the consolidation of the networks will see savings. I broke each section out below.

More Questions:

You may think it will make 5G roll out faster, but will it? What part of 5G?  Is it really going to change when 5G arrives in the USA? Maybe.

Here is a sample of the table of contents.

Sprint and T-Mobile Merger Consolidation

  • The Advertised Plan
    • Accelerated 5G rollout
    • Un-Carrier Strategy
    • Job Creation
    • The Realistic Plan
  • Consolidation
    • Spectrum
    • Core
    • Site equipment
    • Towers (rent)
    • Merging the technical systems
    • Backhaul
    • What about the workforce?
    • OEMs
    • GCs and contractors
    • UE Devices and Billing models
    • Distributors
  • The 5G Rollout plan, expected
    • The path to 5G
    • What about CBRS? Is it in the plan?
    • Small Cells
    • DAS
    • CRAN
  • Growth
    • The New T-Mobile
    • Sprint alone
    • Old T-Mobile
  • Why put Michele Combes in as Sprint CEO?
  • What do we see down the road if the merger happens?
    • 2 Years
    • Into year 5
  • Winners and Losers
    • Let’s look at the winners and losers if the merger happens.
    • And the winners and losers if the merger doesn’t happen.
  • Differentiators between New T-Mobile and Verizon/AT&T
  • Finally: 29
    • Acronyms and Definitions
    • Resources

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